Craig Townsend Design

– NowTV – Battle for Westeros


The Great War is here. Pledge your allegiance and fight for Westeros.

Agency: WCRS

Client: NowTV

Brief: Create the look and feel and develop the digital design for NowTVs Battle For Westeros social game.

Digital Design
Art Direction


As many Game of Thrones fans have been rooting for one House from the very start – whether it be House Stark, House Targaryen, House Lannister or the anarchic White Walkers – the map has been split into ~2,500 hexagons that fans can claim in the name of their chosen House.

With the aim of claiming as many hexagons as possible (thereby claiming the kingdom of Westeros), fans will need to rally their friends on social platforms to take over as much of the map as they can in the three-week campaign period.


Through the process of design development, a sigil had to be created for the White Walkers, as they have no official sigil themselves. Above are the options created, but in the end, as the sigil isn't official for the White Walkers, we used imagery to depict the houses.


The digital site was supported 24/7 throughout the campaign with real-time updates via two live streams; a Facebook Live stream and a Periscope Producer livestream on Twitter, and promoted with a suite of 30” social videos, including a teaser and four follow-up videos fronted by the leaders of each House.


The result of the 3 week battle can be seen below