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– Skin Care Cymru – Don't Be A Lobster

This campaign is all about getting the people of Wales to wear sun cream, because unfortunately, Wales leads the UK when it comes to skin cancer. It’s Wales' fifth biggest and fastest growing cancer.

It's hard to spread a message when Wales is known for it's drizzling rain than dazzling sunshine. So, Don't Be A Lobster, Be A Dragon when it comes to sun cream.


Wales leads the UK when it comes to skin cancer. It is one of Wales' most common and fastest growing cancers.

How do you convince a nation of dragons to use sun cream on their beaches?


Agency: WCRS

Client: Skin Care Cymru

Brief: Create a poster campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of the sun on Welsh beaches.

Awards: Bronze at Creative Circle for Brand Identity Design

Bronze at Kinsale Shark Awards for Special Build

Bronze at Kinsale Shark Awards for Ambient PR

Brand Creative

Art Direction
Motion Design


Going beyond the brief, we presented a guerrilla style campaign, hijacking the Welsh flag on their national day, St. David's Day.

Taking elements from the famous Welsh Dragon, Skin Care Cymru's lobster is a cheeky imitation, resulting in a memorable, light-hearted character. 


St David's Day takeover

Just before St Davids Day, WCRS released this video to spark confusion in the nation. Many believed students had broken into Pembroke Castle to replace the flag as part of a prank, all the better when our true intentions were announced in the press.


RBS Six Nations

This 30 second animation was shown on the big screen during half time of the RBS Six Nations match: Wales VS Ireland at the Principality Stadium (formerly the Millennium Stadium).



Our flag flew over the Millennium Stadium, reached ITV News, was endorsed by Hollywood actor Micheal Sheen and even got an outing in Parliament as politicians lobbied for stronger measures on sun protection.

• Coverage reached over 40 million people
• 3x the number of searches for ‘sun cream’ in Wales
• 50% increase in searches for ‘skin care’ in Wales

Skin Care Cymru is now taking our lobster character and using it to educate the next generation of dragons.